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Royce is just a big kid that needs to grow up! Real talk real life issues real results. Now last but not least shaunie let's keep it real if she would not have done it some one else would have! So that's why I say that's tv. Lolly badcock tits. I wouldn't say we're percent but we are cordial. Big deal if someone talks about you, at least they are thinking about you.

One more thing u know this shit is for tv cause if they was real with it why u don't hear bout them on the tv news or in the paper or on the radio actin like that in the resteraunt or clubs or any were there r no cameras. Nude pics evelyn lozada. And Tami was a drunken mess when she bullied Keysha eyes looked like a crazy person, you women need to sit down somewhere, shame on all of youand stop trying to defend your mess Shanie.

Its those behaviors that make the non-fighters look classy. After working all day in a white male dominated corporate field, it felt great to come home on a monday night and watch these women be silly, be fly, be strong, and simply tell it like it is.

Shaunie get some backbone and tell Evelyn and Tammi to buy, borrow or steal some class was moved by Tammi's act of remorse on Wendy Williams show but she continues to encourage Evelyn's disgraceful behavior. I had Tami and Evelyn's backs the first few seasons, because I felt that they were just misunderstood. Chad Johnson will probably cry when he sees that picture because he will think about what he HAD and lost because of his own stupidity!! Speaking for myself I know I did everything that was expected of me: Have they seen each other or got together??

But I applaud all those ladies of BBW for looking back and acknowledging that you did not like how you acted though I suspect the show was edited to look as bad as possible. Personally, I don't feel that Keisha is scared of any of them, I feel she's just afraid of how mad she will get and what she would do. Hot black naked pics. I've been waiting to see if this reunion show would have some truths.

Well, well now because they have had so much back lash in regards to their behavior now they want to act cival because now they are being called out, a little to late for the change of heart, if no one ever pushed the envolope on their behavior they would still be ignorant woman of color who would continue with this ugly behavior, and Shaunie to act like OMG this behavior of these women is making me ill get real you are the BIGGEST BULLY of all get out and call the police you are as FAKE as that awful makeup and hair and wardrobe, you look like someones Grandma.

I believe Tami would have done it, but I guess the producers knew the show couldn't survive if anyone got killed. At first i really love Jennifer after hearing what is did to her friend all i have to say about that is that she is a big BITCH Thank you for subscribing!

Kenya a hot ghetto mess. When people like Wendy and Evelyn stop wearing leather goods i. Was Dynasty any different? I asked him what the Shame on you Evelyn.

You know the saying, sticks and stones but what happened you could have helped a country full of young people who experience this daily in their schools and homes. That doesnt make me judge all women. We have all been angry and reacted sometimes the way the ladies of BBW did.

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I still don't know what to say about Kenya, other than she stands up for herself and let's people know she will not be bullied.

But the tv show is only entertainment to me! Apr 22 by Natasha. Lesbian in love with best friend. With this reunion, the women actaully looked back and the show and was actually ashamed at what they did Evelyn throwing the bottle, Tami acting crazy on Keisha, Jen and Evelyns fight, and Shauni letting this show get to this point and they actually admitted to their wrong and actually apologized for their wrong doing which was kind of a shocker but I love the fact that theyre trying to grow and develop.

She got up from the table when she felt threatened and felt like Tami was going to hit her. Thank God we have a beautiful, intelligent and respectable First Lady to show the world that we are not all ghetto gold diggers that will sell our souls for some fake glamour and fame, or should I say infamy. People please do your homework on Jennifer. My daughter started getting harassing phone calls, and so did my business partner. Nude pics evelyn lozada. I could care less about how those women live their lives nor do I look up to any reality tv celebrity as my remodel!

So my thing is why get on the show and act like omg why she actin like that. Although I didn't like Jen's stank attitude and how she threw away her friendship with Evelyn over jealousy and how she treated Nia; it was made worse when Shaunie suggest that the Jen drop the lawsuit because it was frivolous.

And Tami was a drunken mess when she bullied Keysha eyes looked like a crazy person, you women need to sit down somewhere, shame on all of youand stop trying to defend your mess Shanie. I think Royce was just tired of all the drama. Naked famous dudes. I wonder would she same the same if someone slapped her or worse if it was one of her daughters. Listen the key word ACT. Susie plays both sides of the fence. Tami and Evelyn are bullies.

Email required Address never made public. Tami why you didn't pop off at the mouth when Evelyn told Kenya her weave starting to look like yours? I cringe watching the example you set for young black girls or any girls for that matter. God forbid if any of your children are being bullied or abuse and people sit and don't say anything. Real talk real life issues real results.

Peace, be feerless my sistas: Keep the show popping Shaunie, I really love the outcome.

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I'm just happy that they made up because 14 yrs of friendship is a blessing and should not be just waisted like that over some petty mess.

However the women were and whatever they did. And if shaunie get a movie deal out of this show no one is going to pay to watch it, in fact no production company should waste the energy to attempt to produce it, this movie will be the joke of Hollywood, but I must say SHAUNIE your attempt to be a responsible human being has fell short. Sexy camper girl. And u stayed mad, voiced your opinion on tv, and didnt speak to "your mentor" for years.

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